Skype app keeps crashing

 Skype app keeps crashing, doesn't work on Android 10

Couldn't get Skype to work on your Android phone? If so, then this post may help you. Here's a quick troubleshooting guide on how to fix a Skype app that keeps crashing or doesn't work on Android 10.

When it comes to personal and business video chats and online conferencing, the Skype name ranks among the most popular platforms around the world. The fact that it's made by the software giant makes more people rely on Skype despite the presence of Google Duo and Apple's FaceTime apps.

However, Skype's credibility does not guarantee that the application does not contain any material. disadvantages. In fact, like other apps, Skype ran into various problems from time to time. Among the most common are occasional or frequent crashes. And many Skype users still face the same problem. If by any chance you run into the same dilemma when using Skype on your Android phone, I have outlined some effective solutions below. Read on to find out more.

What is causing Skype to crash?

The problem of random or frequent crashing of applications on mobile devices is usually attributed to memory problems. This often happens when the device runs out of storage space. Like computers, mobile devices such as smartphones are also prone to performance issues due to insufficient memory.

An out-of-memory smartphone cannot withstand only occasional app crashes, but also other performance issues such as lags and freezes. In this post, I will address a related issue regarding the widely used first-class online telephony service called Skype. Read on to find out what is causing Skype to crash on your Android smartphone and what to do when it does.

Quick fixes for Skype app keeping crashing or not working on Android 10

Time needed: 10 minutes

The following procedures are considered simple yet effective solutions for occasional frequent application crashes. Implementing these solutions can help eliminate accidental application crashes that could lead to corruption and misbehavior in the Skype application.

  1. Force stop the application and then restart it.

    Many people have been able to cope with applications that suddenly kept crashing or stopped working by forcibly quitting those applications. Something inside the app could have caused it to suddenly break down and be unable to perform its normal functions. However, these applications need to start with a clean slate. To do this, you need to force stop the application. There are two ways to force close apps on your Android phone. You can do this from the recent apps screen or in the settings.

    To force stop Skype on Android 10 device, go to Settings-> Applications menu , then select Skype from the list of applications. In the Skype menu, click the Force Stop icon in the lower right corner. When prompted, read and review the forced stop warning, then click OK .

    Alternatively, you can use the Recent Apps key to force close the Skype app via the app preview. However, this only applies if you've recently used Skype and it's still open or running in the background.

    To do this, simply press the Recent Apps soft key located in the lower left corner of the home screen, then swipe left or right to find a preview of the Skype app. Once you see it, simply swipe up on the app's preview area to force close or quit.

    After forcibly stopping the Skype app, try downloading the app again and see if the issue is resolved. If it keeps crashing, restart your phone.
    A soft reset or reboot is often required to clear up any random software errors that could have caused an app to crash or stop working on your device.

  2. Update your Skype application.

    Another possible solution that you should consider is to update your application. Like Android updates, app updates also contain bug fixes to address existing issues caused by some bugs in the app. If your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, has enough storage and is charged enough, try checking for available updates for the Skype app.

    To check for app updates and install them, open the Apps panel , then launch the Play Stor e app In the Play Store app, tap the Menu icon , then go to My Apps & Games. Search for Skype and check if an update is available. You can click the Update button next to Skype, or click Update All to install all pending app updates at once.

    After updating apps, restart / soft reset your phone, save and apply the latest software changes. This will also ensure that the latest updates for the Skype app are correctly installed.

  3. Reinstall the Skype app.

    The last solution I recommend in case the previous two methods don't work is to reinstall the app. Uninstalling and reinstalling an app is often considered one of the last options for fixing unstable or corrupted apps. Once the application is completely corrupted, the best hope of getting it back and running is a fresh install.

    If you want to continue, first uninstall the Skype app by launching the app drawer, then go to Settings-> Apps menu Select Skype from the list of applications, then click the Uninstall button When prompted, read and review the warning and click OK to confirm that you want to uninstall the application.

    After uninstalling the Skype app, restart your phone or perform a soft reset and then return to the Play Store to download and install a compatible version of the Skype app for your Android phone.

  • Android 10, One UI 2.0 and later
Materials (edit)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20

Skype app still crashes? is your android phone?

If none of the above methods helped, you can try more advanced solutions. You might be experiencing a complex system error in the Skype app or Android software that often requires software fixes. Having said that, try checking for available Android (software) updates on your phone. Android updates usually contain the necessary bug fixes to fix specific problems with the app or built-in system functions.

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