Step By step Format Android SD card

Format Android SD card

format android sd card

The Android SD card format is important when you delete files or want to troubleshoot. Erasing the memory card is basically done quickly. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to remove the files entirely. In this article, we'll show you step-by-step instructions on how to format your SD card.

Format Android SD card on the smartphone

Certain apps can help you to format and completely clean your Android SD card. But you can also easily do the formatting via the settings. Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the "Settings" on your smartphone. Then tap on "Device" and then on "Storage".
  2. There you will find an overview of the storage settings. Tap the SD card. The designation differs from Android to Android.
  3. You will now see an overview of your saved files on the card. Then tap on the "three-point menu" in the upper right corner and select "Storage Settings".
  4. Then tap on "Format" and confirm the action again. Your SD card will now be formatted.
This is how you can format your Android SD card

Please note that the files will be deleted and you should create a backup beforehand. You can only restore the files retrospectively with special software.

Format the Android SD card using a Windows PC

If you want to format the Android SD card using a Windows PC, then you have two options: Either you connect the smartphone with a USB cable or you take out the SD card and insert it directly into the PC . These step-by-step instructions will help you.

Connect your smartphone with a USB cable

  1. Connect the mobile phone to the PC and open the Windows Explore r. You can usually find the smartphone under the "This PC" bar.
  2. Make sure that the PC can access your files on the mobile phone.
  3. Open the "SD card". Now you can manually remove each folder from the memory.

The big advantage is that you don't have to remove the SD card from the smartphone to format it. Please note, however, that you cannot completely delete all data in this way. This only works if you connect the SD card directly to the PC.

Insert the SD card via the slot on the PC

You can also connect your memory card directly to the PC and format the Android SD card that way. Either insert the card directly into the appropriate slot on the PC or use a card reader. You can use this method to completely erase your SD.

  1. Unlock your Android phone and safely eject the memory card.
  2. Then plug the SD card into the PC using the appropriate adapter.
  3. Open the Windows Explorer "Computer" or "My Computer". You should see your SD card as a removable disk drive there.
  4. Right click on it and select "Format ...".
  5. Then select "FAT" or "FAT32" as the file system and confirm the action.
Format Android SD card without problems

If you want to give the SD card to someone else or give it away, you must delete it thoroughly. Otherwise, special software can restore private and personal data. In order to completely delete the files, you can use apps like “ Secure Erase ”, “WipeDisk” or “ WipeFile ”. The " CCleaner " is also a very useful helper.

Can I format an Android SD card on a Mac?

Do you own a Mac and an Android smartphone? No problem, you can also format an Android SD card using the Mac system.

  1. Connect your smartphone to the Mac .
  2. Open the "Search" with the key combination [COMMAND] + [SPACEBAR].
  3. Then search for "Disk Utility". You can also find the program under the Utilities folder.
  4. Click on the SD card on the left and then select the "Delete" tab.
  5. Set the format you want, then click the Delete button.

Cannot format Android SD card - what can I do?

The formatting does not work and you do not know what the problem is? There could be several reasons for this problem. Check the following errors and try again to format the Android SD card.

Check the SD card via Windows

Can't format the Android SD card? It could also be due to the software of the card itself. Here's how you can check on Windows:

  1. Connect the card to the PC. Press the key combination [WINDOWS] + [E] to open Windows Explorer.
  2. Right-click on the SD card and then select "Properties".
  3. Then select “Tools” and click “Check”.
  4. A message appears suggesting that you check and scan the drive. Confirm this. It may take a few minutes.

Is your smartphone running out of memory again? In the article " Android memory full " we show you how to free up space!

"Quick format" option

If formatting the SD card still doesn't work, you can try deactivating the "Quick Format" option. It works like this:

  1. Follow the instructions above "Insert SD card via slot on PC" to point 4.
  2. Before you format the card, remove the check mark next to "Quick format".
  3. Then click on "Start".

Our conclusion

There are several ways you can format your Android SD card. Regardless of whether you do it directly via the smartphone or connect the card to the PC. It depends on how thoroughly you want to delete the files. You can also get an app for help. 

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