Advantages and disadvantages of fan heaters

In this article, we will look at the advantages of fan heaters compared to other commercially available climate control equipment. So, the heat fan heats up very quickly and quickly gives off heat. This means that a fan heater is the best option for heating a room with a small area.

At the same time, the mobility of the heat fan is perfect. Small weight and dimensions make it easy to move the device from one point of the room to another. Large selection of heating and ventilation equipment at https://olvent.ua/bytovye-ventiljatory/.

There are three types of heat fans:

  • floor;
  • wall;
  • desktop.
  • Another important advantage of this technique is the ability to simultaneously heat and ventilate the air in the room. It is noteworthy that such thermal fans are relatively cheap.

    But, like other appliances, the fan heater has disadvantages. The high level of noise during the operation of equipment is especially distinguished. If the device has a spiral heater, then the air is dried out, an unpleasant odor is created. At the same time, the ceramic heating element does not have such a disadvantage.

    Fan heater selection

    Advantages and disadvantages of fan heaters

    All types of thermal fans have two main elements: a heater and a fan that “drives” air into the room. There is another important element. This is a thermostat, with which, when a certain level of temperature in the room is reached, the device automatically stops working. So, as a heating element, a spiral made of a hard alloy of metals or a ceramic heater is used.

    When it comes to a spiral heater, it is heated to a high temperature. At the same time, the ceramic heater has a lower heating temperature. If we compare both heaters, then the ceramic type has advantages. Ceramics give off heat better than a spiral. Therefore, a ceramic type of heating element will be no worse than a spiral. In addition, the ceramic heater does not pollute the air, there are no combustion products, the air does not dry out. Most importantly, a coil can cause a fire, while a ceramic heater does not.

    It is worth noting that the heat fan quickly heats the air, but the technique is not suitable for long-term use. This means that the device can only be used in small rooms for short-term heating of the air. The versatility of a thermal fan lies in the fact that in winter it heats the air, and in summer it can be used as a cold air fan.

    If the room needs to be heated for a long time, then you need to take care of buying a heater. It can be left unattended for a long time, the degree of fire hazard is low. The power of the heat fan is approximately 2.5 kilowatts. And the more power, the better the device will perform the task.

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