Recruitment is a tricky business. And each company has its own approach to choosing a candidate for a particular position.
Most often, the HR departments of large companies, due to lack of time, are unable to review all resumes, conduct interviews with everyone, and as a result, company executives resort to the help of professional recruitment agencies (for example, such as mind hunter), because how It is known that recruitment is the main component for a successful business.

To create a recruitment agency, you need to have a clear business plan. It is necessary to register an individual entrepreneur or legal entity to provide services in this field of activity. It is extremely important to calculate the initial investment – the cost of registration, advertising costs, rent or purchase of your own office and its equipment with the necessary equipment.

They build their own client base by connecting relatives and friends.

How to start a recruitment agencyThe next step is finding a recruiter. A recruiter must be a professional in his field, as he must be able to establish communication with a client, and he has no right to make a mistake when selecting personnel for a client. A visionary recruiter with extensive experience – beyond the dreams of any recruitment agency. After all, there is a search for an estimate engineer, key account manager, accountant, storekeeper and many other vacancies.

Next, you need to correctly consider the location of the office. The ideal option is your own office in the city center, but not all of this is possible. In this case, you can use an alternative option – rent an office in a fairly convenient place where job seekers and clients can get without much difficulty. It is important to remember that the office must have, albeit small, but separate and comfortable meeting room.

Advertising. In this case, without any special costs, you can create your own website on the Internet, where clients and job seekers can get all the information they need.

Then a list of applicants is created. Here the Internet will also come to the rescue, where information about available vacancies is posted on various sites.

The question arises – where does the profit come from? The consulting firm assigns a remuneration to the client, most often it is equal to the amount of one salary of the candidate after hiring him.

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