Apartments for sale in Kazan

Real estate in Kazan has always been in demand and will continue to be in demand. There are several factors about buying an apartment that everyone who wants to become a resident of Kazan should know:

1. Take into account the average cost of an apartment, at the moment the cost of one square meter is 5.1 million rubles.

2. To date, the number of ads in Kazan for the sale of real estate is about 16,975. The best options are posted on the website https://etagikazan.ru/realty/.

3. The most expensive housing can be purchased on the streets of Fedoseevskaya, Podluzhnaya, Zinina, and inexpensive apartments – on the streets of Collective, Belomorskaya and Karbysheva.

4. The best option to buy an apartment in Kazan is in the spring, as there are very few offers in summer, but prices increase in autumn.

5. You can save money on buying an apartment, but only if you are aware of discounts and benefits.

6. Luxury apartments in Kazan cost up to 120,000,000 rubles, they are mostly traditional apartments in the city center with four to five rooms.

7. Kazan is in first place in terms of the cost of secondary housing.

8. Young families wishing to purchase real estate in Kazan are given mortgages on preferential terms.

It is also important to consider financial possibilities and requirements for yourself. For example, the area (taking into account the places you often visit), the number of rooms, as well as the urgency of entering the apartment.

Apartments for sale in Kazan

You can search for housing on your own, or you can also through special institutions. In the case of a self-search, you can create a database to avoid repeated announcements as a result. When choosing a developer, study its reputation, visit the facilities, discuss with the tenants – they will talk about buying and living on their own experience.

What is no less important – always be open about your preferences, floor, budget, location and view from the window. Be sure to look at the apartment and ask the agent to show you the options you like – this is the best way to understand your desires.

The moment you realize that you have found the apartment of your dreams, you will surely be overwhelmed by a wave of anticipation of a wonderful life, and that’s great, but don’t forget to take a couple of hours to read the contract. Specify the exact date when the developer must give you the keys, how and when you will be informed about this, read the contract very carefully and in detail, if in case something is not clear, the developer will explain to you what and how.

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