Ceramic tiles Atlas Concorde Allure: nuances and advantages

Ceramic tile is a versatile material that is durable. Modern ceramic tiles are the best solution for tiling bathrooms, kitchens, washrooms and various food production areas.

The thing is that the care of this material is quite simple. You just need to wash the surface of the wall or floor and cleanliness will be ensured for a long time. Thanks to the glossy surface, the tile remains clean for a long time, which makes the material favorable for arranging the above premises.

Allure ceramic tiles from Atlas Concorde (Atlas Concorde) – a stylish and very effective collection of porcelain stoneware for creating unique design and interior solutions. The entire collection, executed in the natural splendor of rare marbles, also used for walls and floors. The white exterior alternates with black to create a statement that gives the setting a modern and noble feel. The gemstone has been opened using a computer technique, showing the finest fragments of the distinctive engraving. Thanks to the lapped surface of the coating, the effect of reflecting objects is created, which brings a bewitching shine. The presented line of Atlas Concord Allure tiles, complemented by decorative elements, forms a multi-functionality for classic as well as avant-garde projects.
Hall, bathroom and living room are great places to apply.


The main advantages of tiles are that they:

  • durable;
  • Easy to mount;
  • Has a wide selection of colors and patterns;
  • Easy to care for;
  • Waterproof;
  • Prevents the appearance of fungi and mold.
  • Benefits in comparison

    Ceramic tiles also have many positive qualities in comparison with other facing materials. If we compare tile with plastic, then the tile is the same anti-fungal coating due to the glossy surface, but its strength is hundreds of times greater than plastic. That is, plastic can be wrinkled, but with tiles it is impossible.

    Gypsum boards cannot compete with tiles at all. Low strength, the appearance of mold in high humidity, the complexity of the design, and more make drywall a worse solution than ceramic tiles.

    For floors, linoleum can be considered as an option, but compared to tiles, it can tear or accumulate moisture, which is a plus in the direction of ceramic tiles.

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