Choosing a gasoline generator

In our realities, power outages are not uncommon. And household, as well as industrial appliances, remain disconnected. The situation can be corrected if you purchase specialized equipment in advance in the form of an extremely powerful and moderately economical gasoline generator, produced both in single-phase and in three-phase form.

For everyday life, the first versions will be a good choice, the power of which rarely exceeds 5 kW, and the weight component is no more than 50 kg. At the same time, the fuel consumption of two-stroke internal combustion engines is at a quite acceptable level – up to 1.5 liters per 1 kW. It may seem like a lot, but if you take into account that such equipment is mainly used as backup versions and if you need to power a refrigerator, TV or even air conditioning, then it will be a perfectly acceptable choice.

Most budget category models are equipped with a magneto, valuable in terms of practicality – the internal combustion engine starts instantly in freezing temperatures, since these engines do not have crankcases in which oil can freeze. In high price models, both starters and batteries are available.

Most of the above two-stroke ICE generators are equipped with a tubular chassis design, valuable in terms of light weight, strength and the ability to best absorb vibration. In higher power models, there may also be a wheeled chassis, valuable in terms of convenience – equipment, if the machine has a towbar, can be easily towed to energy consumers as close as possible.

The disadvantage of the above versions is a somewhat overestimated energy consumption. If you need electricity at the lowest possible price, it is better to purchase similar versions of generators, but with four-stroke internal combustion engines installed, in which the combustion chamber is better ventilated and the fuel mixture, due to the increased amount of oxygen, burns better. As a result, the efficiency of such engines exceeds 30%, which guarantees extremely low gasoline consumption – no more than 400 g per 1 kW. This guarantees one thing – with frequent use of this type of equipment, it quickly pays for itself.

A plus should also be attributed to the presence of inverter technology, thanks to which the output voltage is of the highest quality – you do not have to use voltage stabilizers at all. The output at 12 allows you to charge the battery, with the help of keys – to make minor repairs, and the funnel is useful for refueling. Daewoo inventory generators are perfect for powering household appliances and lighting fixtures. Professional four-stroke gasoline engine has a long working life (12 hours at 50% load).

In the top versions of the latest types of generators, the AVR system can be installed, which allows you to start the motor automatically in the absence of an external energy source. But even if there is no AVR system, it’s all the same – a four-stroke internal combustion engine, considered a full-fledged clone of an automobile engine, is easily started with a starter and starts energy.

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