Floors in parking lots - concrete floors with a hardened top layer

The materials without which no construction will take place are concrete and reinforced concrete. And it does not matter what is being built from them: a shopping center or an extension to a summer cottage.

Concrete is the main one on any construction site. To make a mistake in the selection of concrete means to come to unpleasant consequences. Turning for high-quality building materials only to professionals, having bought Istra concrete, you will not allow this to happen.

Today, there are many technologies for the construction of concrete floors. In this article we will talk about the floors in parking lots, which are subjected to various strong mechanical and chemical loads. And since concrete has low tensile and abrasion strengths, concrete floors with a hardened top layer are a sure way to significantly increase the life of a concrete floor in parking lots and other places where high performance properties are required from the floor.

Various impregnations and mixtures can act as concrete floor hardeners. Dedusting epoxy impregnation, as well as dedusting organosilicon impregnation, increase strength, ensure the tightness of the coating surface, which does not allow harmful factors to penetrate into the concrete, and thus prevents its destruction, and also reduces the amount of dust generation by 80-90%.

The physico-chemical essence of the process is as follows: polymer molecules, penetrating between the supramolecular formations of concrete in the upper soybeans of the base, form a polymer concrete, i.e., a structure reinforced with polymer molecules.

Dry mixes, which are also called toppings, are also widely used to harden concrete floors. They significantly increase a number of coating characteristics, such as wear resistance, strength, impact resistance, and reduce dust formation to a minimum. In addition, with their help, the concrete floor in parking lots acquires color and, along with it, a more aesthetic appearance. Moreover, the colors can be different, at the choice of the customer.

Hardening with toppings and organosilicon impregnations is carried out directly during concrete laying. This allows you to greatly reduce the period between laying the concrete pavement and its operation. Strengthening with epoxy impregnations usually occurs when the base loses moisture to the required value. Compared to poured polymer coatings, provided that a concrete base is required, floors with a reinforced top layer are produced in a shorter time and at the most economical price. At the same time, their service life is also high: hardened concrete floors in parking lots can be used for up to 20 years.

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