Geodetic works during construction - basic measurements

In a situation where we are building a house or want to subdivide a particular property, it is necessary to use the services of a surveying company.

The surveyor of a specialized company will conduct situational-altitude measurements that will determine the actual state of the site or building. For these purposes, various geological equipment is used, including GNSS & GPS geodetic receivers, you can buy from SCANMAX.

Height measurements

In geodesy, there are several types of geodetic measurements. Altitude and situational-altitude measurements are mentioned among them.

Height measurements are designed to determine the height of points relative to the intended reference point. This measurement is called alignment and allows you to represent the landforms. The alignment can be, for example, geometric, trigonometric, hydrostatic, barometric or satellite.

Alignment – measurement run

Height measurements are made with a leveler, or total station, and a leveling patch. It is performed by two people – one reads the results from the device, the other installs the patch in certain places. Multiple measurements can be obtained from a single device setup. The last dimension is the read ending the alignment string. When taking height measurements, be careful not to move the equalizer inadvertently.

Geodetic works during construction - basic measurements

Situational-altitude measurements

In turn, situational-altitude measurements, also called tachymetry, determine the position of detailed points on the plane, as well as the height of the measured objects. The surveyor, performing these measurements, uses the polar method to perform them and, on the basis of it, determines the location of the previously mentioned points.

General magazine

The surveyor records the results of the measurements in the tachymetric log. Based on measurements of heights and situational points, a sketch of the terrain is also made.

These measurements can be made using a device called a total station. It can be traditional or electronic (laser). In the latter case, the data measured by the device is written to its internal memory or to another available storage medium. Based on these measurements, situational-altitude maps are created.

Situational-altitude maps

Such a map is formed on the basis of the imprint of the compiled main map of a particular area. It represents the changes in altitude and situation that have occurred in the measured area. They are used in the implementation of these construction or investment projects, as they determine how a particular project should be implemented.

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