Grab rail for medical facilities

Fenders for medical facilities are made of stainless steel, they are usually made for easy movement of people with disabilities. Moreover, such devices are needed in order to protect the walls from pollution and various kinds of damage. You can find a medical chipper at Avista-Peril. This company is engaged in the manufacture, installation and installation of handrails at the best prices per square meter.

Such fenders meet all the standards that should be comparable with sanitary and hygienic, moreover, if they are made of stainless steel, then they are very easy to disinfect.

For various medical institutions, and in particular clinical hospitals or polyclinics, stringent requirements are set for such handrails, according to technical and hygienic standards. It is worth noting that the materials of the walls must be non-toxic.

There are types of handrails that are installed in order to provide convenience and comfort to visitors to medical institutions.

These types of handrails are used for medical institutions:
– handrails that are located along the wall;
– with an aluminum frame, for chairs, backs, wheelchairs, trolleys, etc.;
— handrails-chippers with auxiliary functions;
– corner aluminum lining, for external corners and interiors.

Each of the types is used in accordance with the special requirements in institutions. For example, handrails, especially plastic ones, often have a special bracket that attaches them to the wall. And the shape of the bumper itself says that it is convenient to use.

Plastic handrails are used for institutions where there are many disabled people: these can be special purpose medical centers, clinical hospitals, sanatoriums or other public buildings.

Stainless steel fenders are often attached to the wall with aluminum clips. Moreover, these fenders are available in a variety of colors and there are also various two-tone options. Moreover, such variants of fenders are made in different widths according to individual measurements and with different connection elements, for example, with end ones.

Such devices should be installed in passable premises: corridors, halls, chambers or at the entrance to the building. Expensive wall materials will be preserved and visitors will not be able to damage them, respectively, the repair will retain its original appearance for a long time and make the institution more respectable.

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