House reconstruction

Reconstruction of a house is a technically difficult process that requires not only the high quality of the construction part, but also the filling of paperwork. Compared with simple types of repairs, the restructuring of a residential place has many nuances, the observance of which is a mandatory condition.

To begin with, it is necessary to clearly distinguish the differences between reconstruction and other types of work.

Redevelopment is making changes to the technical plan of the building, adjusting its minor parts, such as: replacing or removing door and window frames, building a bathroom, dismantling shelves and cabinets.

Overhaul is a more serious type of work aimed at restoring obsolete or faulty elements, heating or plumbing systems, load-bearing walls, structures. Permission is required to carry out such activities.

The reconstruction of a residential building has global changes, entailing an increase or decrease in the total area, the number of floors.

After a clear idea of ​​​​future activities, you need to find out the purpose and place of your land with the help of documents. Your site may be a residential building located in a community, a building on land where gardening is permitted, or the location may not be suitable for residential construction.

Further, if your site is located on a territory with a gardening permit, then you can apply for property registration at the MFC if you have a technical plan of the building and a document giving rights to the territory.

If the house is not located on the territory of the SNT, then you will have to contact the department of architecture and urban planning to submit an application with the following list of documents: a copy of the documents for the house and the plot, a copy of the passport, the passport of the BTI house, the technical plan of the building, an extract on the number of registered persons, their consent to reconstruction, restructuring project.

When collecting the necessary documents, material costs will be required for the state duty, the service of a specialist in creating a reconstruction project and issuing a passport at home.

House reconstructionAt the end of 7 days after submitting the application, you will be notified of the result: refusal or permission.

The reason for refusal will be the lack of necessary documents, as well as their non-compliance with the requirements of reconstruction. To appeal, an application is submitted to the court with all the necessary documents for permission, including a refusal document.

With a positive answer, it is allowed to start work, finishing it in no more than 10 years, observing all the rules and regulations. If the restructuring area is more than 10 square meters, then a mandatory requirement will be to hire a specialist to carry out the work. At the end of the process, you must again send a notification to the local administration.

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