How long should a distance learning lesson last: response from the Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine told how long lessons should last in different classes during distance learning

How long should lessons last during online learning

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Due to the war in Ukraine, many schools that do not have shelters study remotely. Last week, from October 10 to October 17, absolutely all schools were transferred to the online learning format due to increased military aggression from Russia. Alas, these are the realities of our life, and we have to live with them.

Despite the fact that Ukrainians got acquainted with distance learning even before the war, during the coronavirus pandemic, there was still no clear answer about how long online lessons should last in different classes. Therefore, in this matter there was complete independence. In some schools, children are loaded to the fullest, and in some teachers, in most cases, they resort to the so-called asynchronous learning. This is when the teacher sends educational material, and the students study it on their own. Sometimes a teacher can get in touch for 15-20 minutes, give an introduction, and the rest of the time is given to independent work.

“My daughter is studying at a Kyiv school, in the 3rd grade. She is studying under the Intellect program. They have a big workload. There can be 5 lessons of 40 minutes a day. But parents are not outraged, since the curriculum is quite complicated and saturated. And if the teacher did not conduct so many lessons, a lot would have to be studied on their own. Another point why we turn a blind eye to the fact that children spend too much time at the computer is that the educational process is built quite competently. Time From time to time, the teacher gives exercises for the eyes, and also arranges “rukhanki”, during which the children have to get up from the table and move to active music,” Tatiana K., from Kiev, shares her experience.

So how long are the lessons legally supposed to last? The answer to this question was finally given by the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine (the position can be found here).

In high school, classes can last 45 minutes if there are only 3 lessons

In high school, classes can last 45 minutes if there are only 3 lessons

Regulations for the duration of classes under martial law

We remind you that during the air raid, the distance learning process is suspended, everyone must go to cover. If all is quiet, then online study should look like this for:

◾️ 1-2 classes – two lessons of 30 minutes each or three – 20 minutes each;
◾️ 3-4 classes – two lessons of 45 minutes each or three – 30 minutes each, or four – 20 minutes each;
◾️ 5-6 classes – two lessons of 45 minutes each or three – 35 minutes each, or four – 25 minutes each;
◾️ 7-9 classes – two lessons of 45 minutes each or three – 40 minutes each, or four – 30 minutes each, or five – 25 minutes each;
◾️ 10-11 classes – three lessons of 45 minutes each or four – 35 minutes each, or five – 30 minutes each, or six – 25 minutes each.

Also, for students who are abroad and receive education in the second shift, the start of classes should begin no later than 16:00, and for students in grades 1-4 who are abroad, it is allowed to organize classes in the second shift.

Author: Elena Tokarchuk

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