How to choose a sleeping bag for your home: criteria and life hacks

This heating season may be unforeseen

How to choose a sleeping bag for your home: life hacks

Judging by the massive Russian attacks on Ukrainian cities and infrastructure facilities, it can be assumed that the heating season this winter will be difficult. Representatives of the authorities also speak about this and urge Ukrainians to insulate apartments and houses, as well as to stock up on warm clothes. In addition to thermal underwear, a sleeping bag will also be a good purchase. How to choose a sleeping bag for your home – read on Ivona.

How to choose a sleeping bag for the home: the main criteria

When choosing a sleeping bag, you should pay attention to the ratio of three criteria: weight, price and temperature. Moreover, the weight for a sleeping bag for the house does not play a big role, since you do not have to carry it with you. If you plan to use the sleeping bag for hiking in the future, then you will have to pay more for a lighter sleeping bag. The price, as you know, depends on the quality and weight of the sleeping bag.

You also need to pay attention to the type of sleeping bag: blanket or cocoon. For home use, especially if you are not going to sleep alone, a “blanket” sleeping bag is suitable, while a cocoon keeps heat better.


Sleeping bag: what insulation material to choose

There are two types of insulation in sleeping bags: synthetic winterizer and down. A synthetic winterizer sleeping bag is not very warm and heavy, but it is not afraid of moisture. A downy sleeping bag compared to a synthetic winterizer is the best for home use. By the way, it is important to pay attention to the heat resistance of down (you will find numbers 600+ or ​​800 on sleeping bags). The greater the heat resistance, the warmer it will sleep.

For those who are looking towards synthetic winterizer sleeping bags, it is important to take into account some characteristics. Taras Zhovty, a traveler and organizer of hiking in the mountains, notes that you should not buy the simplest synthetic winterizer sleeping bag, since it will not really warm you. It is better to look at sleeping bags on holofiber, holofcore, primaleft and others, which, due to their structure, warm better.

Sleeping bag: temperature and size

You should choose a sleeping bag according to your parameters, because if you choose a larger one, keep in mind that you will have to heat an additional area. Also, when choosing a sleeping bag, pay attention to temperature conditions. Several numbers and indicators can be indicated on the sleeping bag: comfort temperature (this is the lower temperature at which you can sleep comfortably for 8 hours), limit temperature (this is the lower temperature at which you can sleep curled up in a ball) and extreme temperature (this is the lower temperature, where you probably won’t get frostbite).

Sleeping bag prices in 2022

A quality, good sleeping bag costs a lot of money. So, a sleeping bag with an extreme comfort temperature line of -35 degrees can cost 40-50 thousand UAH. At the same time, if it is reduced to -12, you will have to pay UAH 15-20 thousand.

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