No light and gas: cool cooking ideas

First of all, remember to be kind, as if curly speech is to be found on products that do not require thermal processing. In a different way, work in a troch to stock up on їzhі, yakі you can win at times of re-powering the light and gas. It is often recommended to use Trimati at home as well as a portable tourist burner. Keep respect, that when the light is turned on, shops and terminals can also not work, so stock up on canned food, so you can save yourself for a long time.

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Alternativei order:

  • Buy dry alcohol, tourist primus and bottles with gas before them.
  • Prepare a tourist palnik for їzhi.
  • Create a stockpile of products of a long-term saving and a quick preparation.
  • Plan a variant of moving for the winter to the houses from the fires.

Products, yakі varto mati:

Zhiri: olives, black olives, peas, nasinnya, brinza, feta, vitrimanium sir, oliya, cod liver, bacon, coconut shmomaki or shavings, peanut or other pea pasta

Proteins: tofu/ soybean meat, kvassola, canned oyster mushrooms, dried meat, dried fish (promislovo), liver pate, meat pate, sour milk siri, dried milk, hummus

Carbohydrates: bread, bread, brown buckwheat, couscous, rice lokshina, pita, lavash, swede bread, dry snacks, freeze-dried porridge, freeze-dried soup with chickpeas, cinnamon, mushrooms

Vegetables/fruits: which do not require thermal processing: carrots, cabbage, Korean carrots, sauerkraut, sauerkraut, squash caviar in banci, pasteurization, vacuuming beet, tomato, cistern, apple, pear, orange, banana, canned peas and corn, tomato paste

Later: honey, jam, hot sauce, condensed milk, chocolate, dried fruit, tea

Photo: pixabay.com

Photo: pixabay.com

What to cook:

Lavash + cheese + vegetables
Rolls from lavash and syrah with vegetables. Fill the vegetables with thin husks, cover the pita bread with a thin ball of soft syrah, spread the vegetables and burn the roll.

Lavash + melting sir + canned fish

Likewise, lavash can be beaten with the quality of the cakes, or you can make simple pies from syrup and canned fish. For whom to rub the syrah on a large third, add mayonnaise and sour cream, and smear the first bowl with pita bread with the tasting masa. They gave us canned fish and made another cake. Repeat and let it stand for a while.

Photo: pixabay.com

Photo: pixabay.com

Lavash+cream sir+Korean carrot

A tasty snack to give you strength. Get ready just like that, like a first fluke.


So you have vide savory pudding, which you can enjoy at any hour. You can also replace yogurt with milk.

Photo: pixabay.com

Photo: pixabay.com


Sob on the morning you had a savory grape – you can fill it with yogurt, milk and add fruit. For a dekilka year, you will become soft and natural.

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