Oak barrel

A wooden barrel was originally created to carry out work on the farm, all self-respecting distillers had it, as it was an indispensable element of the farm. But it is worth noting that barrels are useful not only for winemaking, but also for construction or interior design. Due to its large volumes, it can store a decent amount of various building materials, including loose ones, which is a clear advantage. Among other things, you can use this structure as an improvement to the interior of the room, giving them a warm atmosphere of the old days.

When choosing a barrel, it is worthwhile to clearly define the purpose of its use in order to select the necessary characteristics and parameters for the effective implementation of activities.

For starters, this is a material of manufacture, different types of trees have different properties, some are better suited for storing liquids due to their properties, some have high resistance to mechanical damage, and options with slow wood are suitable for long-term storage of something. decay. For example, an oak barrel is the best container for aging wine and storing pickles. A container made of wood preserves the taste and their beneficial properties.

Dimensions and volumes are also taken into account based on the purpose of its purchase: if you need to store a large amount of any stocks, building materials, then the choice will obviously fall on large dimensions; if the main goal is to store a small volume of products, then it is recommended to choose small sizes so as not to take up a lot of extra space, since it is large in itself; well, if your goal is an interior, then this is already a strictly personal choice of everyone.

Oak barrel

Other characteristics

Provided that the barrel is bought for the purpose of storing any liquid, it is strongly recommended to take already waxed options. But this service is not always provided, so it is advisable to do this procedure personally. The main reason would be that a waxed barrel provides the least amount of liquid loss by evaporation during the entire storage period.

Indoor humidity also plays an important role. It should not exceed an approximate level of 60%, otherwise active decay of the barrel material will begin, followed by damage to the liquid itself inside it.

One of the fundamental criteria is the material from which the elements of the barrel, such as hoops, are made. It is very important that they are made of stainless material, because it may not only not look beautiful, but also come out sideways in the form of a destroyed barrel.

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