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What signs were associated with a church holiday

Bans of the day October 19, 2022: what not to do on Fomin’s day
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On Wednesday, October 19, 2022, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of one of the 12 apostles – Thomas. The saint is also called “Unbelieving Thomas”, since it was he who at first did not believe in the resurrection of Christ, after which Jesus appeared to the apostle and showed his wounds. Thomas preached Christianity in Persia and India, died a martyr’s death at the hands of the pagans.

What not to do on Fomin’s Day October 19, 2022

The people believed that Thomas was in no case impossible:

  • deceive, act to the detriment of others – liars and swindlers will face big troubles on this day
  • it is forbidden to spend money thoughtlessly – spenders can stay on beans
  • envy, quarrel, yell at someone – folk wisdom foreshadows health problems and failures on the personal front for those who like to scandal
  • overeat, arrange magnificent feasts – if a celebration falls on October 19, then you need to eat slowly

Signs and traditions on Fomin’s day October 19, 2022

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Our ancestors until October 19 finished work in the gardens and on the field. Therefore, on the day of Thomas, it was customary to count the harvest and prepare stocks for the winter – pickles, jams and compotes.

It was also previously believed that on this day, along with strong winds, snowstorms and unexpected snowfalls, evil spirits could come. To protect themselves from evil spirits, people performed a special ritual in a house with wasp knots.

On this day, we did not forget about other weather signs. So, flocks of crows and a bright red evening dawn foreshadowed bad weather in the near future. Snow on Foma meant that on November 22 the real winter would begin. If there is no wind on Foma, then soon there will be a cold snap. A foggy morning is a sign of a fine day. The morning sky is yellow – to the precipitation.

Other holidays October 19, 2022

  • International Gin and Tonic Day
  • Day of writing a letter to the future
  • World Children’s Bone and Joint Day
  • Appreciate Your Life Day
  • Bubble Crush Day
  • Love Your Body Day
  • world dignity day
  • International Day of Pronouns

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Name day October 19

According to the Orthodox church calendar, on October 19, the name day is celebrated by Arkhip, Makar, Ivan, Nikanor, Claudia and Thomas.

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