Plywood and its application in the construction industry

Plywood is a building material that is a thin but rigid board glued together from several spy sheets. They are glued one to one, and then pressed together. According to the Base of Building Materials and Tools KUB, plywood is a natural and environmentally friendly material, the undeniable advantage of which is the ease of working with it.

Plywood is produced from peeled veneer of various tree species. The gluing of veneer is carried out with the help of urea-formaldehyde resin, which allows the material to acquire its operational properties. The composition of the building material includes more than twenty layers of wood, which has a thickness of one millimeter.

Plywood and its application in the construction industryAlmost all varieties of plywood are characterized by excellent thermal and moisture resistance properties. Below are the various brands:

1. FC brand. It has an average degree of resistance to a humid environment, as it is made using urea-formaldehyde synthetic resin. It is applied only to construction works of the internal direction. The FK-18 brand has found application in the manufacture of furniture, the installation of lathing, various types of containers, and is also widely used in repair work inside buildings.

2. FSF brand. This material is used for finishing work both indoors and outdoors. The brand of this material is treated with a special solution based on phenol-formaldehyde resin. It has excellent resistance to mechanical damage and protection from the harmful effects of the environment. The brand of plywood FSF-18 is widespread in the field of roofing, in the design of formwork, in the field of mechanical engineering and carpentry. Playgrounds and various types of furniture, as well as billboards are made from it. It has enhanced strength and moisture resistance.

3. Brand FBS. A type of plywood that has been impregnated with bakelite resin, as a result of which it has received increased moisture protection. Applications: construction of industrial buildings and shipbuilding.

4. Mark BK. In the manufacture of bakelized wood board, it is impregnated with bakelite varnish, thanks to which this type has earned the right to be called the most heat and water resistant plywood material. Possesses excellent qualities of a stock of durability and moisture impermeability. Building material can often be found in the fields of mechanical engineering and furniture production, as well as the construction of non-residential facilities.

One of the most popular brands of plywood are FK and FSF. They are quite budgetary in terms of price and quality, and their characteristics are ideal for ennoblement of residential and commercial buildings.

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