Stainless steel pipes

Now rust-resistant steel is one of the most popular materials for making pipes. As you know, water accelerates the process of rust formation, but in the case of using special steel, such problems can be avoided. In order to buy pipes from 10-50 mm. in Moscow, just click on the link here.

Types of stainless pipes

Stainless steel products are divided into two types depending on the type of section. There is a round sectional view and a profile view. The first option is used for installation in chimneys and various structures that are decorative. The second option is used in various construction and repair activities.

Pipes that are created by welding a seam are divided into spiral-seam and straight-seam. They are quite often quite large.

Spiral pipes

The diameter of spiral-seam products is usually at least 530 millimeters. Such pipes are needed to build roads or pipelines. In addition, they are used in the field of mechanical engineering. Such pipes also have a division into groups:

  • general purpose pipes;
  • used for highways;
  • having a special purpose;
  • pipes used for oil and gas pipeline.

Longitudinal pipes

Products with a straight seam have a narrower diameter, which cannot be less than 15 millimeters. It, in turn, is divided into the following groups:

  • general purpose;
  • used for highways;
  • used for water and gas pipelines;
  • used for some other purpose.

Pipes that do not have a seam are good because their strength is the same in all areas. The process of its manufacture consists in drawing out a heated workpiece; it can also be made by piercing a cold product. Using the latter method, pipes with a large diameter are usually produced. Such a product finds its application in industry not related to the chemical industry.

Profile pipes

Stainless steel pipes

Now let’s move on to the consideration of profile pipes. Profile products are those that have an oval, square or rectangular section. They are good in that they are more difficult to be exposed to various external influences, however, they are not used to transport liquid or gas. The reason for this is not too high tightness of such pipes. They are also used in the creation of simple building structures that are light in weight.

The production of a square corrugated pipe takes place using a hot-rolled strip. Such a product has a cross-sectional size of not more than 300 by 300 millimeters. The smallest product of this format is used to create various supports. Stronger and larger pipes are used as supports for various building structures.

Rectangular pipes are made in the same way as square pipes and perform the same functions.

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