Steps made of natural stone

Since ancient times, people have built structures in which the stairs were made of natural stone – granite or marble. Granite, of course, is a more durable material than marble, it is more noble, impressive and austere. Granite does not absorb moisture, does not tarnish, is less prone to abrasion, and does not lose its significance after many centuries.

The staircase is one of the most important details of the interior – the first thing that the eye of a person entering the house falls on. Therefore, choosing the material from which the steps, balusters and railings will be built, you need to try hard. Stairs, lined with marble, look wonderful. They are not only durable, reliable, aesthetic, but emphasize the refined taste and appropriate social status of their owner.

Originally and gracefully made balusters and railings will certainly emphasize the sophistication of the building, will become a magnificent decoration of the whole house. Products made of natural stone, made in a certain style, will perfectly fit into any interior.

A huge variety of color scales of stone – malachite, serpentine, granite and marble, provides a wonderful opportunity to use this natural material for exterior and interior decoration of buildings. For safe walking on stone stairs, the surfaces of the steps are made slightly rough, thus providing an anti-slip effect.

Steps made of natural stone

The apparent “cold” coming from the stone steps is very deceptive and has nothing to do with reality, since the vast range of colors of granite, marble, basalt and other natural stones has an incredible variety of the most amazing tones and shades that can transform the most severe stone into wonderful composition. For example, shades of beige marble blend marvelously with wooden interior design details. And the right lighting on the stairs will give the whole composition a stunning look. Decorative processing or a combination of several natural stones of various colors in the elements of the stairs, such as marble or granite, will make the steps of the baluster and railing simply amazing!

To give the stairs a unique effect, do not forget about the balusters. This element of the staircase should be especially eye-catching, since the appearance of the entire structure depends on it.

And remember, not everyone can buy a marble staircase, only the owner of expensive housing allows himself such a luxury.

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