Studio interior design

We can call an open space not only an office, but also a special type of apartment, a space in a house – a studio. The main difference between an ordinary apartment (space) and a studio is that there are no partitions between the living room and the kitchen.

The interior made like a studio has become very popular because you can fit everything you need even in a small area. A studio can be compared to a phone: how good it will look in a sophisticated and beautiful case, and a studio with a thoughtful interior. By the way, you can order covers here.

There is the possibility of refusing to divide the space. Each style has its own requirements that the studio makes:

Functional planning

The first step in the development of any space is functional zoning. You must choose the location of any furniture and decor. And it has to do with your lifestyle. But you must remember that every studio follows the idea of ​​one space between the kitchen and the living room. We also have one recommendation for functional planning: you should leave a small space for the hallway. It is very important. You should place any decor or picture that will complement the space in front of the front door.

There is a secret in bathroom design. Choose a glass partition and heavy curtains for one of the walls. It expands the space, but if you are not so brave – use only some parts of the glass wall. The bathroom door can also be made of glass.

It is better to place a private area (bedroom, home office) in part of your apartment. To separate the bedroom and living room, you need to build a small partition. We love the idea of ​​dividing the area associated with the bedroom. You can use curtains and furniture to divide the area. For example, if you are having a party, you can combine separate parts into one space. Also, if you prefer to work from home, you can use the huge shared desk that can be your work desk.

This approach to the formation of space contains the idea of ​​a mobile transformer of an apartment, part of a house. It’s like a game for adults!

Walls and floors

We recommend different light sources and reflective surfaces. This will help you expand the space.
Feel free to experiment with interesting structures and textures. For wall decorations, choose a bright, juicy color. It can be a picture of an outstanding artist. Floors can be designed with warm materials. We recommend natural materials such as wood, stone, ceramics. This is a good solution to minimize the color scheme from silver, white to gray and cocoa. This method combines different elements of space, it will help you combine different materials such as metal, ceramics, leather, wood and others.


Use natural finishing materials. They fit great and look stylish. Natural materials look great and create a good atmosphere. Also, if you decide to cover the walls and floors in white, don’t worry about the idea of ​​boring flat space. Use the roughest modern details. It can be an impressionist style, modern art or a stylish sofa or armchair.


In a public place, it is better to focus on the sofa. Upholstered furniture is the main element of the studio. Furniture can be both incredibly friendly, technical and mobile. She can be stylish. Give preference to furniture that easily transforms into the desired shape or composition. Choose a multifunctional sofa. You can reach an atmosphere where you can put down your lop top or cup of tea. Also, do not forget about modern control gadgets. Create a comfortable and ergonomic space with ottomans, chairs and comfortable cushions.


If you want to create the core of the interior, choose the living room. It could be a work of art. Keep details in mind, such as furniture fittings and bathroom water meters. They should be well designed and match the main idea of ​​the interior. For example, you can use a box-shaped chrome water faucet as the main part of the bathroom. Remember that a small space looks better with more details.

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