Types of plasterboard suspended ceilings: unlimited design possibilities

Suspended ceilings are a comfortable, modern and inexpensive way to give the room solidity, style and aesthetics. This type of ceiling is especially in demand in all kinds of offices, public places or even apartments.

Drywall is an extremely popular material in the field of construction and repair today, which is a gypsum board, pasted over with cardboard on both sides.

The secret of such popularity is in its lightness, strength, environmental friendliness, as well as ease of working with it. Of course, if the flight of the customer’s imagination draws him complex and extraordinary designs, then it is better to turn to professionals in their field for their implementation; however, simpler, and at the same time extraordinary and elegant design ideas can be implemented in repairs and independently.

One of the ways to transform your own apartment beyond recognition during the renovation, giving an ordinary dwelling a classic luxury or non-standard modernity, is the use of suspended plasterboard ceilings. This will allow in a simple way to implement quite a variety of relief options that change the whole general appearance of the room.

When choosing a suitable option, it is necessary to take into account the types of plasterboard suspended ceilings.

1. Depending on the number of ceiling levels, single-level, two-level and complex (three or more levels) are distinguished. When choosing one of these types, remember that a large number of levels implies sufficient ceiling height, but at the same time provides more opportunities for individual design.

2. Depending on the design decision, one can distinguish between simple (levels have straight or smooth curved edges, the ceiling height increases from the walls to the center of the room or vice versa, from the center to the walls), stepped (when the levels rise by a ladder from one wall to the opposite) and figured suspended ceilings (with complex reliefs in different parts of the ceiling).

3. Depending on the color scheme, all options can be divided into white, colored plain and patterned ceilings.

Types of plasterboard suspended ceilings: unlimited design possibilities

In the catalog of the online store you can find everything you need for suspended ceilings: from plates to accessories and components. Due to the fact that the types of plasterboard suspended ceilings are quite diverse, the use of plasterboard structures makes it possible to realize the most unexpected and bold design fantasies, turning the usual repair routine into a real transformation magic.

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