Why are fire doors needed?

Doors are an indispensable element of any house or apartment. Being just a portal from one space to another, doors can also have a dangerous, negative meaning for a home. In the event of a fire, doors can become one of the obstacles. They get very hot (in particular handles), light up, deform under the influence of high temperature, jam. Installing a fire door can be a lifesaver.

Fire doors look exactly the same as standard panel doors, but have several important advantages. The main advantage is that the door will protect you in the event of a fire for a certain amount of time, giving you and your family a chance to escape. The time that the door assumes to maintain fire resistance is indicated in the fire safety certificate and can be from 15 to 360 minutes. The amount of time is called the fire resistance limit. In addition to the fire safety certificate, the door is marked with information about the manufacturer, country of origin, batch number, full name, and so on.

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Other benefits are the feeling that the fire door is heavier than the standard one, giving a psychological sense of security. It is also logical that the door is resistant to external influences – scratches, cracks, dents. Another plus is that doors significantly reduce sound transmission between rooms due to their design, which is especially important for private houses near roads. Doors protect from smoke. They can be made from various materials such as aluminium, glass, gypsum (as an endothermic filling), steel, wood. Despite the fact that wood burns well, this fact does not affect the fire resistance in any way – the special design of the door ensures that the desired properties of the door are preserved.

Internal and external finishing – polymer coating, color – at the choice of the buyer; lacquer is often used. Doors are installed using fire-fighting foam or cement mortar. Optional installation of a door closer. Fire doors are not required to be installed, but they are recommended for use in premises for various purposes, such as shopping centers, schools, offices, warehouses and industrial premises in areas provided for by the evacuation plan.

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