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With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, people prefer to store important data and files in their devices for convenience. But we should acknowledge the fact that there are many threats around our Android. To better protect our significant information, you need to choose the most powerful and best password manager. In the following, the article will recommend 10 best managers for passwords.

  • Part 1: Top 10 Best Password Management Apps for Android
  • Part 2: Best Android Data Recovery to Manage Your Password

Part 1: Top 10 Best Password Management Apps for Android

Top 1: aWallet Password Manager

a wallet is a basic app that mainly focuses on securing all the passwords for your Android devices. It is a completely free password manager and is very convenient to use. aWallet includes a built-in search, custom icon and an auto-lock feature. The most dominant feature of the app is that there is no ad at all. And you can make and edit the category of data depending on your preferences.

A wallet

Top 2: Dashlane Free Password Manager

Like another password manager that has been around for a long time, it is always considered to be the most powerful and best manager for password apps in the gaming store. Manage support for automatic password archiving on websites and apps, Dashlane Free Password Manager can produce fixed passwords, lock and organize passwords to secure payments. You can use most of the features within it for free, but it is a must for you to fully own it by grabbing the subscription.


Top 3: Keeper Password Manager

Keeper is a type of Password Manager filled with various functions. Protects you from being attacked by online and offline viruses, it takes advantage of the basics and includes autofill passwords that help you feel safer and more comfortable. In addition, as one of the best password managers, it can give you fingerprint lock. You can also sync things between devices. Similarly, you should get a subscription to acquire all the features.


Top 4: mSecure Password Manager

mSecure has been updated several times since its inception. With a fairly modern and decent interface, it can give you better experience. To meet your needs, mSecure can back up your significant data to SD card. The most important feature of the password management tool is that when someone tries to decrypt your code but fails many times, it will start self-destruction, which benefits your Android device a lot. But you have to pay $ 9.99 to get it.


Topp 5: RoboForm Password Manager

It's an old tool but it's still considered one of the best password managers among so many similar tools. Collaborate with Chrome and Firefox, you can create filler plugins for these browsers. Also with a RoboForm account, you can use your login information that you have previously saved in your computer on your Android. In addition, it is easy for you to find your frequently used passwords as quickly as possible.


Top 6: LastPass Password Manager

Lastpass has been popular as a password manager. Helps you lock your passwords and personal belongings in a secure vault, it is guaranteed to offer secure and fantastic service. All you have to do is have a password, and the rest will be handled by Lastpass's master password. It consists of fingerprint scanner support, a password accountant along with a password generator to remind you of your password security. For $ 24 a year, you can get more wonderful features.


Top 7: SafeInCloud Password Manager

With all your logins, passwords and other private things in an encrypted database, SafeInCloud is a cloud-based password manager. The main features are that it has material design, black theme, solid encryption with 256-bit advanced encryption standard and it supports cloud synchronization. You can synchronize your important data with another device with your own cloud account. But you have to pay $ 2.99 for the pro version.


Top 8: Password secure and manager

Password secure and manager can store all your entered data through encryption, so you only need to memorize your master password. To be the best password manager, it can also sort your entries in the password protection. This tool has absolutely no access to the Internet which can make you feel safer. Its material design makes the interface more amazing, and you get to customize the user interface. In addition, it owns automatic backup. If you are willing to pay for the pro version for $ 3.99, you get a lot more features.

Password secure and manager

Top 9: Change the password manager

Owning desktop versions that support PC, Changing the password manager means the basics. Free from remembering a number of passwords, it can help store them in a safe place with your master password and you can easily access them wherever you are. There are no subscription fees or sign-ups you should pay for. Via Wi-Fi you can back up and restore your important things. As a handy password manager, you allow yourself to fill in login credentials automatically in Chrome. If you want to unlock everything you are asked for $ 9.99 payment.

Change the password manager

Top 10: Keepass2Android Password Protected

Keepass2Android is one of the more basic password management apps . It has the basics and you can back up passwords and such. However, it does not have many of the more complex features of many of its competitors. The app's main claim to fame is that it is completely free and open source. It is based on the code for Keepassdroid (which is another excellent free, open source password manager) and the two are compatible with each other. There is also a completely offline version if you need it.


Part 2: Best Android Data Recovery to Manage Your Password

Tipard Android Data Recovery is the best password management tool that helps you when you do not remember your passwords so that your Android devices are completely locked. The main purpose of the app is to recover deleted or lost Android data files securely. Compatible with all versions of Android phones, it can recover data from external SC card. Has an attractive and intuitive interface, it aims to offer ease of use and efficient features to Android users. Without professional technical skills, you can get a good message about it. Considered the best daughter tool for password management, you will prefer it as soon as you download and install Tipard Android Data Recovery .


The article summarizes 10 best password managers for your Android devices, and they are all very suitable for those who want to keep their private secrets more secure and create strong and solid passwords. With Tipard Android Data Recovery, you will quickly retrieve your loss data if your devices are locked suddenly. With kind regards, we hope you can choose the best password manager according to your requirements.

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