Boiler burners

Heating houses using “blue fuel” is economical, convenient, and simple. But the fact is that pure natural gas cannot be burned completely, which reduces the efficiency of its use. In order for the fuel to burn to the ground, it is necessary to mix it with air in a certain proportion. Gas burners designed for heating boilers provide proportional air-gas mixing.

What to look for:

  • Efficiency and reliability of the burner. Maximum mixing accuracy and complete combustion of blue fuel.
  • Easy to install and remove equipment.
  • Duration of work, durability of all parts of the device.
  • Creation of noise, cleanliness in work, corresponding to sanitary standards.
  • The presence of adapters for changing one type of fuel to another.
  • A small amount of emissions of harmful combustion waste.
  • Varieties of burners


    An easy device. A hole is made in the tube through which the gas is supplied, through which air enters. Thus, a natural combination of the mixture occurs for subsequent combustion without residue. These devices are very productive, economical and reliable in use, suitable for small and medium power boilers.


    A fan built into the heating vat pumps oxygen into the furnace. Air enters the chamber in small doses and instantly mixes with the gas. Thus, fuel consumption is much more economical. The device includes an automatic security control system. The equipment is energy-consuming, a running fan creates a lot of noise, quite expensive. With these shortcomings, the efficiency of the device is doubled.

    Diffusion-kinetic burners

    With the help of an aerodynamic structure, the air flow is dosed into the furnace, then it is connected to the flame. Such devices provide the creation of various torches – from diffusion, stretched and luminous to transparent and short, kinetic. The equipment is used in industrial-scale heating vats.


    Heating of housing is required everywhere, even where there is sometimes no supply of natural blue fuel. Then burners are used that run on diesel or fuel oil, but have the ability to switch to gas if necessary.

    Burning regulation:

    1. Single stage. They work in the same mode. When the fuel supply is increased or decreased, the burner is automatically switched off, which reduces its service life.

    2. Two-stage. There are two modes that affect the strength of the torch. One step works at half strength, the other increases the power of work at full strength.

    3. Modulated. With the right equipment settings, they save gas. Sufficiently productive and durable devices.

    Issue price

    Depending on the need for heating and financial capabilities, you can purchase any device. The final amount is largely affected by product manufacturers: the more famous the company, the more expensive the device, as well as the types of burners and the regulation of its combustion.

    Today, industrial boiler burners are produced by many manufacturers. Italian manufacturers are rightfully considered the best for buyers, they offer durable and high-quality goods at an affordable cost. On the site you can buy equipment for gas boilers from leading Italian manufacturers: FBR, Baltur, Ecoflam.

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