Apple Watch Bands Get a Price Hike in India: Here's What They Cost Now

Apple The price of watch straps in India has increased, however, not all of them have had a price increase. The company offers a large number of different styles and types of bands at various prices in India. Here are the new prices.
Only apple watch loop band price
The solo loop apple watch The bands were launched at a price of Rs 3,900 in India last year. The bands are now available at a price of Rs 4,500 after getting a raise of Rs 600. Customers can purchase the band in Succulent, Sunglow, Chalk Pink, Midnight, Storm Blue, and Starlight color options.
Braided Loop Apple Watch Band Price
The Loop Apple Watch braided band was priced at Rs 7,900 at the time of its launch. Bands now cost Rs 9500 and can be purchased in Rainforest, Slate Blue, PRODUCT(RED), Beige, Midnight, Black Unity, as well as pride edition options

sports band Y Apple Watch Sport Band band price
Both Sports Band and Sport Loop were also priced at Rs 3,900 at the time of their launch last year. They are now priced at Rs 4,500 each. The Sport Band is available in Elderberry, Slate Blue, Succulent, PRODUCT(RED), White, and Black Unity color options. You can buy Sport Loop bands in Storm Blue, Starlight, Elderberry, PRODUCT(RED), Midnight, and Pride Edition.
Nike Sport Band and price of the Nike Sports Loop Apple Watch band
The price of the Nike Sport Band and Nike Sports Loop Apple Watch bands has been increased from Rs 3,900 to Rs 4,500. The Nike Sport Band is available in Bright Crimson/Gym Red, Olive Grey/Black, Black/Black, Summit White options. /Black and Navy/Midnight Navy. The Nike Sports Loop is available in Summit White/Black, Sequoia/Pure Platinum, Black/Summit White and Pride Edition options.
Apple Watch Leather Strap Price
The price of the leather band is now Rs 9,500, up from Rs 7,900 for its launch price. It is available in Umber, Ink, Midnight, Umber Modern, Ink Modern, and Azure Modern color options.
The prices of the Space Black Link Bracelet and Silver Link Bracelet remain the same: Rs 47,900 and Rs 37,500, respectively.

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