Building board: what you need to know

At present, innovative technologies and other latest materials are often used in construction. But none of the buildings can be erected or repaired without the use of wood. In other words, without lumber obtained from it.

This short article provides a description of the construction board, which is made from natural wood. Roofs, floors, walls, wall claddings, partitions are made of them. They serve as the starting material for joinery: doors, window frames, window sills, furniture, etc.

Boards are made from four types of wood:

1. Conifers: pine, spruce and larch.

2. Hardwoods: beech and oak.

3. Softwoods.

4. The so-called redwoods.

The building board is of two types:

  • edged;
  • not cut.
  • edged board

    This is a standardized construction lumber with a section from 8×16 mm to 100×260 mm. The length of the doki is not standardized. It can be from 15 cm to 6 m. Edged boards are obtained from unedged boards at sawmills by removing the wane, and leveling to a specified standard on special machines. Wane is the bark and subcortical layers up to the wood of the tree trunk itself.

    In the CIS countries, the most widespread standards for the thickness of edged boards: 22 mm; 25 mm; 30 mm; 40 mm; 50 mm; 100 mm; and 150 mm. The most common length is 3 meters. If necessary, other dimensions of the board are obtained by sawing and planing. Thicker edged boards are called – timber.

    Humidity is an important characteristic of a board. It should not exceed 22%. The boards are usually dried in a natural way, laying them in stacks in a special way so that there is air access to both sides of the product. Otherwise, the installed board in the building structure may lead.

    Even edged boards are divided into four groups – 4 grades and non-sorted.

    not edged board

    This is a wooden product obtained from a tree trunk by sawing it along the length into pieces. It is not modified before use, but only dried.

    Building board: what you need to know

    Construction board is an excellent, multifunctional and natural material. It has excellent heat and sound insulation properties. And the beauty of wood texture is ideal for many design aspirations. One such example is the terrace board – an excellent wood material, which is of excellent quality, particularly resistant to weathering and good aesthetic performance. By creating a unique project, thanks to wooden flooring, you will not only decorate your home, but also complement the beauty of the landscape. The online store “Lessibir” presents a variety of lumber, including lining calm pine. It is suitable for decorating the room and fills the house with a pleasant coniferous smell.

    The only drawback of wood is that if it is not properly used and exploited (dampening of the material is allowed), living organisms can start in its thickness. Therefore, to increase the terms of durability of the building board, the wood is impregnated with special antiseptic substances and painted.

    If you are looking for high-quality top grade lumber, exclusively from high-quality wood, feel free to contact the Lessibear company.

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