Motoblocks and attachments to them

It is believed that a modern farmer simply cannot do without the mechanization and automation of his work. A striking example of this is the use of walk-behind tractors in the subsidiary farm, garden and vegetable garden.

A motoblock is a single-axle small-sized tractor that can perform the task of a cultivator, plow, hiller and other agricultural equipment. Motoblock is the technique without which many people cannot imagine their lives. The functionality of the blocks depends on the attachment. They can be equipped and understaffed with all kinds of nozzles that will help to simplify the work of people.

It is no secret to anyone that most of the attachments that are designed for walk-behind tractors have their own rather high cost. And it is this high cost that becomes one of the main barriers to people being able to purchase it in the right quantity.

One of the popular options for attachments for a walk-behind tractor is a mower. Some people prefer to make such a device on their own. At the same time, they try to do everything possible in order to eventually get a high-quality and at the same time, completely safe model of attachments.

And here you need to be careful, because if you give your preference to those designs that are offered by periodicals or Internet sites, you can be sure that the mower designs will be safe and meet existing requirements than self-assembled ones. For example, in the MOTOBLOK-KENTAVR store you can buy motoblocks, cultivators, engines, attachments (if you need a hitch for a mini tractor and others) at the best prices in Ukraine.

Motoblocks and attachments to themBut if you still decide to assemble a rotary mower for a walk-behind tractor yourself, then you need to use improvised material. This will allow you to significantly save your money, and at the same time you will be able to achieve your previously set goal.

Mowers that can be assembled by hand will usually be of the front type. They can be mowers with different designs. These can be rotary mowers, wagon mowers or segment mowers.

During the assembly of one of these mower options for walk-behind tractors, the design of the factory model can be taken as a basis. All necessary parts and elements can be additionally purchased in a specialized store in the city or in a specialized online store.

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