Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Even a small space can be productively used, making it a stylish cozy place where you can spend time. This rule also applies to the kitchen.

Another detail worth adding to all of the above – functionality. Below are ideas that will make a small kitchen stylish and comfortable.

1. Focus on functionality. If the kitchen is small, then you should make sure that it will have everything you need. One of the main decisions that determines the functionality and appearance is the choice of the right kitchen set. To expand the space, you can purchase a single sink instead of a double one, a smaller refrigerator and build household appliances into the cabinets. This will allow you to have everything you need at hand and solve the problem of space.

2. Open cabinets for dishes. Closed cabinets create the visual effect of a box and take up more space than open cabinets of the same size. Shelves are best suited for a small kitchen, allowing you to place dishes without sacrificing space.

3. Use of glass. One of the easily implemented solutions that help visually expand the kitchen is to include glass in the design. There can be many options: a glass bar counter instead of a dining table, glass cabinets and shelves, mirrors, a window into the next room, larger windows.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas4. The color scheme of walls, furniture, utensils, various decor details (even an apron, towels and napkins) can radically change the atmosphere and the visually perceived size of the kitchen.

Pastels and light colors with good doses of white reflect light, making the space feel bigger. But do not forget about rich colors that can create an unforgettable atmosphere and completely distract from the size. Therefore, modular paintings can become a wonderful wall decoration. Moreover, the coloring and the image as a whole, you can choose absolutely any.

5. But do not forget about vibrant colorswhich are able to create an unforgettable atmosphere and completely distract from the size.

6. Use of walls for practical purposes. As a rule, even in small kitchens there are empty spaces on the walls. They can be filled with metal round utensil rails and magnetic knife holders.

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially when it comes to studio kitchens. In small kitchens, space is often used more efficiently. Space and good design are not exclusive to large kitchens, but can also be found in small kitchens.

The main thing – to avoid three mistakes: clutter, lack of working space, dark gloomy colors.

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