How to provide heat in the apartment?

When purchasing an apartment, each person expects that it will be both cozy and warm. The concept of “warm apartment” is not found for all residents of an apartment building.

Therefore, there is a need to purchase additional fan heaters, air conditioning systems and heaters. But the fact that the central system must also be monitored so that there are no air jams, bleed air from the pipes in time, clean or change old radiators. Everyone thinks that this is the task of public utilities, and in the meantime, the pipes are getting more and more rusty. From experience it is clear that if you do not replace it yourself, no one will do it for you. You can find absolutely any climate equipment on the website https://fluger.by/konvektory.

Therefore, having decided to get rid of old batteries and replace them with new ones, as well as calculating the costs, you should know what type of radiators to choose for your apartment.

Sectional radiators are bimetallic, cast iron, steel and aluminum. Modern design includes aluminum radiators; after a major overhaul, they will fit into a modern apartment. They have good thermal conductivity due to aluminum, and they are also very light. Corrosion-resistant steel heaters, they are easy to clean from dust.

Cast iron radiators are durable, resistant to corrosion, they work with a low quality coolant, this is very important for our country. In bimetallic radiators, steel pipes are built into the aluminum body, the coolant circulates through them, due to this, the contact of aluminum with water is excluded.

There are also tubular, panel and steel radiators. Panel radiators are a lightweight construction consisting of 2 sheets in which the flow channels are stamped. Half of the heat is supplied to the room by the convective method. Tubular radiators are resistant to corrosion, durable.

If you do not have much experience in replacing batteries, then it is better to call a specialist. After all, mistakes during replacement can cost a pretty penny. Turning to a specialized company, the employees of this company will tell you which radiators are best for you to choose, depending on the funds and area of ​​u200bu200bthe room.

By replacing old batteries with new ones, you can solve the heating problem. And how to solve the problem with the supply of hot water to them, because there are always some kind of interruptions. When you see dug ditches in your yards, then you have a hope that there will be no interruptions this year. But hopes are not always justified. Then most people turn to the store for fan heaters, air conditioning systems and heaters.

fan heaters

When buying a fan heater, one must take into account the fact that it can not be used all day, but only for a certain period, several hours. It cannot be left unattended. If the appliance is dropped and the air intakes are blocked, then the hot coil may cause a fire.

Air conditioner

How to provide heat in the apartment?The air conditioning system allows you to create and automatically maintain the temperature in the room, which is more favorable for human well-being. The air conditioning system consists of technical means of taking in air, preparing it, and then distributing it throughout the room.

The air conditioning system is not dependent on temperature fluctuations of the surrounding nature, it will maintain the air condition in the room that you set for it.


The convector heater is an electric heater. The principle of its work is a natural air circulation. Despite the fact that their body is also heated, but unlike oil heaters, there is no danger of burns.

If you need to heat a room quickly, you won’t be able to do it with a convector. They are suitable for maintaining the temperature. They have a thermostat that controls the temperature in the room. Due to this, the cost of electricity is much less than that of conventional electric heaters.

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