Demolition work in the apartment

Most of us who live in Russia inherited typical panel houses from Soviet construction, which at one time grew like mushrooms after rain in every city in our country. At the same time, very often, in the process of carrying out repair work in the apartments of such houses, certain difficulties arise with dismantling.

Dismantling works are preliminary measures that are usually carried out during the overhaul of an apartment. Any repair requires high-quality preparation of walls, floors and ceilings so that there are no problems in the form of peeling plaster or putty.

In fact, many experts recommend starting dismantling work in such a house not with the collapse of the walls, but with the development of a full-fledged redevelopment project and the coordination of all changes with various local authorities. When the project and permits are ready, you can proceed directly to dismantling.

Among the characteristic features of dismantling work in a panel house, increased noise and dustiness can be noted. It would seem that nothing terrible, it seems like you can endure. However, you need to think about the neighbors, who will be greatly disturbed by this noise. Officially, any construction work can be carried out from 9:00 am to 19:00 pm. At the same time, if one of your neighbors has a small child, then it would be correct to clarify with them the baby’s sleep time, and during these hours do other work that does not create much noise.

Next, you need to decide who will be involved in the dismantling? Even if you feel like a guru in the construction profession and easily imagine the entire scope of the planned work, it is best to entrust dismantling to professionals. You should not even think about doing everything yourself, otherwise you can incur much greater financial costs, as well as make mistakes that can be expensive. You can completely trust the specialists from the Moscow company “Repair-Active”. The dismantling of the apartment from the company “Remont-Active” (Moscow) will be carried out quickly and efficiently, and the result will please you.

Demolition work is the dismantling and demolition of building structures and elements. Structural elements are destroyed and removed in whole or in part, depending on the design project. Subsequently, cleaning and removal of garbage is carried out.

Types of apartment dismantling

Dismantling work in the apartment implies the following:

  • dismantling of walls (wallpaper, plaster, whitewash);
  • dismantling of the floor (screeds, tiles, parquet, linoleum);
  • dismantling the ceiling;
  • dismantling of door frames and window frames;
  • dismantling of plumbing equipment.
  • Trust only professionals from the Repair-Aktiv company (remont-aktiv.ru), and they will save you a lot of nerves and money.

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