October 20, 2022 what holiday bans

What absolutely can not be done on Thursday

Bans of the day October 20, 2022: what not to do on Sergey Zimny

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On Thursday, October 20, 2022Orthodox Christians honor the memory of St. Sergius the Obedient, St. Sergius of Nuromsky and the Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus. People called this day Sergey Zimniy.

What can not be done on Sergei Zimny ​​October 20, 2022?

  • work with the dough (knead, bake, fry, etc.), otherwise financial difficulties will begin
  • accept gifts from strangers
  • quarrel and complain

Signs on Sergei Zimny ​​October 20, 2022

On Sergei Zimny, the first thing to do in the morning is to feed the livestock and animals that live in the house. You can sit at the table yourself only after this ritual.

On this day, both girls and married women used to wear headscarves on their heads – the people believed that such a rite saves from headaches for a whole year.

Also on October 20, there was a tradition according to which the youngest of the family should melt the stove on this day. Then all winter the house will be warm and cozy.

The winter Saint Sergei was nicknamed because on October 20 frosts could strike and the first snow fell. It was believed that Sergei Zimniy opens the winter.

In our ancestors, there were several signs for October 20. If that day was sunny and warm, then the same weather will last another three weeks. If snow fell on Sergey, but there are still leaves on the trees, then winter will be late. A pale and cloudy moon foreshadowed rainy weather.

Other holidays October 20, 2022

  • Day of the fight against breast cancer in Ukraine
  • International Sloth Day
  • World Osteoporosis Day
  • world statistics day
  • International Chef’s Day, Coca’s Day
  • Winter Resupply Day
  • Anecdotal Gathering Day
  • international air traffic controller day
  • Conflict Resolution Day
  • International Shake Up Day
  • International Credit Union Day

Name day October 20

According to the Orthodox church calendar, name days are celebrated by Demyan (obedient), And she (pigeon), Joseph (God will reward), Leonty (lion), Mark (hammer), Nicholas (victorious people), Pelageya (maritime), Sergey (noble) and Julian (from the genus Julius).

In Catholic – Aurelius (gold), Andrew (courageous), Vitaly (vital), George (farmer), Ivan (grace of God), Irina (world), Maria (beloved, bitter, mistress), Maksim (greatest), Martha (mistress) and Felicia (happy, fertile).

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