Vera Brezhneva and TAYANNA Vishivanka listen to a song online

The singer recorded a track about vyshyvanka together with TAYANNA

Vera Brezhneva under a new stage name released a Ukrainian-language song

Ukrainian singer TAYANNA offered Vera Brezhneva, who now lives and volunteers in Italy, to record a joint composition in Ukrainian.

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The artists decided to release their own version of the composition “Vishyvanka” by the poet Nikolay Som and the composer Oscar Sandler.

Interestingly, for the fresh track, Brezhnev changed her stage name to VERA and created a new YouTube channel.

“The song, which is considered folk, but in reality belongs to the authorship of famous Ukrainian artists – the poet Mykola Som and the composer Oscar Sandler, sounded in a new way in a modern arrangement and in the light of recent days. It is symbolic of black and red threads, separation and love, anxiety and guardianship from evil. About how Ukrainian women, stitch by stitch on the canvas, conveyed their support and warmth of the soul to their loved ones, ”the video description says.

Recall that the singer TAYANNA now also lives abroad. When the invasion of Ukraine began, the celebrity was on vacation in Bali.

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